Monday, February 18, 2013

Tips for searching on Google

Tips while Searching on Google

Searching file on google is very easy, but sometimes what we want to find is not appropriate with what we want. Therefore i give you some tips finding file on google.

Filetype useful when we search a file with an extension on google, like PDF,DOC,PPT,TXT,etc.
example filetype:pdf "computer history"

Define useful for search definition from word / phrases. example: define: computer history.

3. "keyword"
With add (" ") in your keyword google will search it with phrases form. sometimes without using (" ") keyword will split into 2 word. first word will show as top priority. example: "random access memory" 

4. site
site useful when you want to search in a specific result. for example: random access memory , then google will show result from only.


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