Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Windows Disk Management

For you that use Windows and want to partition your hard drive and want to partition your drive, you can do it without any third-party software, here is the steps :

1. Press Windows + R and type "diskmgmt.msc" without ""

2. Disk Management Windows will appear, then right click on a drive that still have free space and click Shrink Volume.

3. On Shrink windows, enter size of your new partition. for me it was 2GB , then click shrink and just wait till new partition appear.

4. You can't use your new partition right now. 

5. Right click on your new partition, then click new simple volume, click next.
6. On simple volume size, just click next or you can change it to size you want.
7. On drive letter settings, click next or change it to anything you want.
8. Select file system type (mine was NTFS), and change volume label if you like.

9. Click next, then click finish. wait till progress complete. 
10. Open Explorer, and check your new partition.


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