Thursday, May 2, 2013

Install Software with apt on Ubuntu/Debian

It's been so long i didn't post, now i am back. 

How to Install a Software on Ubuntu/Debian ?

You can simply install software on Ubuntu/Debian by using apt. apt (Advanced Package Tool) is a package manager for Debian Distribution. APT was originally designed as a front-end for dpkg to work with Debian's .deb packages. How to Use it ? Here is the steps :

1. Open your Terminal/Konsole

2. Type "apt-get install [nameofthesoftware]"

in this case i want to install f-spot a photo manager software
If you get an error "Permission Denied", Just add sudo before apt-get. 
and enter your root password, then press enter.

3. "Do you want to continue ?" Press Y[yes] to continue, then press enter.

4.  Installing Process will appear.

5. Install Completed.

6. Check your new software, and test it.


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